About twice a month our therapists will be posting answers to commonly asked questions. So, if you have a burning question that you want answered let us know!

Don’t Ignore the Small Things

It’s only the second day of 2016 and I’ve already injured myself. I tweaked my neck and I cannot turn my head or lift my left arm more than shoulder height. Although it is not a severe injury, it has definitely put me out of commission for the last few days and caused me noticeable […]

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What is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica or sciatic pain refers to pain and dysfunction that radiates along the path represented by the sciatic nerve. It is a frequent injury we see at PhysioWorks. Even though it is a common problem, I would like to take some time to explain why your diagnosis of ‘sciatica’ can significantly differ from another individual’s […]

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Returning to running after an injury

A frequently asked question that I hear in the clinic is “when can I start running again’’? This answer is going to depend on a variety of factors such as the severity of an injury, how long you’ve been ‘off running’, how much cross training and rehabilitation has been done, and prior fitness level. One […]

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Yoga Love

I thought I would share my new found activity with you and why I am loving it! It’s not new to most people in Kits who already strut around with their rolled up yoga mats and Lululemon wear but to me this is my first run at a regular yoga workout routine. I have dabbled […]

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Yoga for Runners

Most runners are aware that cross training is important for maintaining optimal balance in the body with an activity that can be very repetitive nature. Why choose yoga? Targeting flexibility, strength, alignment, and breath, yoga can help to prevent injury, speed up recovery and improve running efficiency and form. Specifically the practice helps to lengthen […]

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Proper Pushups

In this video blog we revisit how to do a proper pushup. Have you been doing it right?

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