I've been there for both physio and massage and this place is great! I have gone for physio and massage treatments from a number of places but this place stands out. The staff here are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Other places I've gone to just "fix" the problem in the short term and have me return when the pain returns. The staff here are interested in my recovery. Each time I go, the therapists re-assess my condition and treat accordingly. They also provide personalized exercises and strengthening activities and encourage me to take an active role in my recovery. I highly recommend!!
R. Mak

I came to PhysioWorks to deal and recover from knee pain I have been experiencing for over 10 years. I meet with Jessie and she did a deep evaluation of my condition. I started working with her six weeks ago. Within this time frame, I saw huge improvements of my condition and am now pain free. She is also working in collaboration with my personal trainer - from Innovative Fitness - and they both assist me in my rehabilitation with exercices that are updated on a weekly basis. I strongly recommend people who have been dealing with long-term injuries to see a physiotherapist from PhysioWorks. They are competent, dedicated, and collaborative. Thanks PhysioWorks!
M. Rousseau

I came to PhysioWorks following reconstructive ACL surgery in January for rehabilitation and couldn’t be happier with the results. I saw Jessie for physiotherapy and her comprehension of what needed to be done and how to do it contributed immensely to my successful recovery. Some things that stood out to me aside from Jessie’s expertise were the one on one appointment, the exercise’s that continued to change as my knee improved and my needs shifted and the diverse techniques used (manual therapy, stretching, exercise prescription etc.) My expectations were exceeded and I would strongly encourage anyone seeking physio (and other services) to go to PhysioWorks. This clinic is run by owners and professionals that know how to get the job done right. Aside from the actual treatment I received, the location of the clinic is easily accessible, the entire place is clean and the technology is up to date.
J. Johnson

I visited PhysioWorks for the first time today and was really impressed with the space and the service. My physiotherapist was really friendly, easy to talk to and diagnosed the problem with my knee within a few minutes. It also worked out really well with my student insurance plan with AMS. Overall, a great experience!
A. Mattock

From the moment you enter PhysioWorks you notice a clean, welcoming environment! From reception onwards you are treated in a professional manner but welcomed at the same time. All of the staff care about your health and recovery and it is wonderful to benefit form the communication between all staff. Having physio and massage in the same setting, and to see the complete care wrapped around you is both wonderful and highly effective. I would highly recommend this facility run by skilled, well qualified and caring people.
D. Derpak

Physioworks is the BEST! I have been to many Vancouver physical therapists in my day but none of them compare to the quality of care that I got at Physioworks. I came in for a relatively serious problem and Jessie was very knowledgeable and attentive and knew exactly what to do to alleviate my situation.Jessie works with you to help you feel better. Many physical therapy clinics seem feel like an industrial machine, with very little actual physio-patient interaction, but Physioworks is completely different. All of the physical therapists seem to genuinely care about your health and recovery. Each physical therapist spends a great deal of time with their patients in individual rooms. Plus the facility (including gym equipment) is brand new, clean and very modern. And the rest of the staff is very friendly and helpful.I have recently relocated to San Francisco and have yet to find a facility or a physical therapist that even begins to compare to Physioworks
Z. Siegel

This place rocks! At age 55, I am finally getting relief from chronic pain in my shoulder, back and hip. I have taken a fair amount of beating from marathon running, kick-boxing and military hiking and parachuting. Despite decades of acupuncture, massage and chiropractic I finally got some exercises that are long term relief. Thank you Byron Chan.
D. Setter

Cannot say enough good things about PhysioWorks - after seeing no improvement with 5 months of physio at another clinic I finally took a friends recommendation and went to see Rob at PhysioWorks.

After doing a more thorough assessment Rob determined that my knee pain was symptomatic of a larger back/hip issue and worked with me to strengthen the appropriate muscles while also creating an exercise routine that allowed me to get back into running. Months later I've run a half marathon and am pain free while keeping up with the routine that Rob set up for me. A fantastic clinic and Rob is the best - I recommend him to everyone I know looking for physio!
Allison Boothe

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