what is active rehab?

Active rehabilitation is a program in which exercise and education are the foundations for therapy. At PhysioWorks, each training program is designed and carried out by a registered physiotherapist. On your first visit, the focus will be on completing a thorough assessment of your baseline strength and flexibility, and establishing your training goals. This will allows our physiotherapists to design a program that is safe and effective for you. Your program can include elements of core strengthening, postural re-education, functional training, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Your physiotherapist will show you the core starting blocks which will be followed by an at home exercise program. On your subsequent visits, your physiotherapist will continually re-assess your program and make the necessary changes to help keep you on track and achieve your goals.

why PhysioWorks active rehabilitation?

At PhysioWorks, we are passionate about providing safe, dynamic, and functional active rehabilitation in Vancouver. Our physiotherapists continually take supplementary courses and stay up to date with the latest research in the field of exercise science. As physiotherapists, they are able to combine their in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with exercise priniciples, to provide you with a comprehensive exercise program designed specifically to meet your goals. Also, our fitness facility allow our physiotherapists to functionally demonstrate each exercise so that you know exactly how to train at home or at your local gym.

Whether you want to rehabilitate an injury, increase your performance, prevent injury, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can trust our physiotherapists to safely and effectively get you there.

specialty programs

At PhysioWorks, a registered physiotherapist will assess your muscular strength, stability, and endurance to determine imbalances in your body. From there, specific exercises will be chosen by your physiotherapist to target key muscle groups. Specific muscle retraining can increase stability and protect joints, which will reduce pain and improve overall function. Research has shown that core training has had considerable success in treating and preventing injuries to the lower back and hips.

Many changes occur in a woman's body as she goes through pregnancy, labour, and delivery. Some issues can arise slowly over several months, and some acutely from trauma during labour and delivery. It should not be considered "normal" to have low back pain during pregnancy or after delivery. Our physiotherapists can aid in the reduction and prevention of current pain through movement re-education and specific stabilization exercises. At PhysioWorks, a physiotherapist can design a safe exercise program to prevent the development of chronic issues, and remain active through this chapter of life.

At PhysioWorks, a registered physiotherapist can work with you one-on-one guiding you through a personalized fitness program to enhance your return to sport, improve your athletic performance, or to simply stay healthy and reduce the risk of injury. The program will be tailored to optimize your body's performance in the specific activities you participate in. Your physiotherapist will come alongside you and work with you to achieve more than you thought you were capable of.

A must-do for any of Vancouver’s runners! It is well known that runners sustain a high rate of overuse injuries such as runner's knee and plantar fasciitis. Many of these injuries can be prevented by having a physiotherapist analyze your running technique. At PhysioWorks, our video analysis consists of filming you running on the treadmill with views from the back and side. Our physiotherapists are able to analyze your entire gait pattern and identify the factors contributing to your injury. Based on the result of the video, your physiotherapist will provide recommendations on gait correction, preventative exercise and footwear. You will be provided a printed summary of the analysis and an exercise program. Please bring shorts and a sports top, and the shoes you normally run in.

Clinical pilates is an exercise program that uses a system of exercises originally created by Joseph Pilates to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance in the muscles of the spine and limbs. It emphasizes initiating movement from the core while maintaining correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and using breathe as a focal point to connect the mind and body.

It is widely used in Australia and New Zealand and is a proven treatment method. Research has shown that the quality of results from physiotherapy improve when Pilates is integrated into the treatment plan.


45 minutes: $100
60 minutes: $135
ICBC program: contact clinic for more details


  • All services are performed by a physiotherapist and may be covered through extended health benefits.
  • Direct billing to extended health insurance available for participating companies. Inquire within.
  • A cancellation fee of half your appointment will be charged if it's cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time
  • No WCB claims accepted at this time.
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