Clinical Pilates

Many of our physiotherapists are trained in Clinical Pilates under STOTT Pilates. We can integrate Pilates exercises into your physiotherapy treatment or provide one-on-one exercise sessions.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercises originally created by Joseph Pilates over 50 years ago to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance in the muscles of the spine and limbs. It emphasizes initiating movement from the core while maintaining correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and using breathe as a focal point to connect the mind and body.

STOTT pilates was developed by physiotherapists, sports medicine experts, and fitness professionals and is a contemporary approach to the original exercise system. It integrates modern principles of exercise and rehabilitation, and includes modifications that allow for this technique to be appropriate for people with varying abilities and body types.

Your first appointment

Your first Pilates session will consist of an assessment by a physiotherapist trained in Clinical Pilates. After filling out the intake forms, you will be taken into a treatment room where you will have a conversation about your exercise goals and relevant medical information. The physiotherapist will then assess your posture, flexibility, and strength as it pertains to your treatment goals.

After the assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss with you the main areas to focus your Pilates exercise program. You will start exercises on the mat and/or the reformer and be given a few exercises to work on at home yourself.

Injury Rehabilitation

Research has shown that when Pilates is integrated into physiotherapy, it improves the outcomes of treatment.

Pilates can help restore pain-free movement of the spine and limbs and improve the balance and coordination of the muscles within the body. It can be beneficial for people who suffer from back or neck pain, sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries, muscle strains and imbalances, arthritis, and pre- and post-natal weakness.


Core and Posture

Pilates can help with increasing strength and endurance of the core muscles, and improve your posture and alignment.

Working on these fundamentals can prevent injuries, decrease pain and tension, and also improve sports performance. Exercises can be modified to meet a wide range of abilities.


Clinical Pilates FAQs

  • q: How is Clinical Pilates different from regular Pilates?

    Clinical Pilates is a goal-oriented rehabilitation program for issues within the scope of physiotherapy. It begins with an assessment by a physiotherapist to identify problem areas and is followed by development of a pilates program aimed at addressing those issues. Each pilates session is carried out by a physiotherapist and re-assessments must be done regularly.

  • q: Is Pilates only for dancers?

    No, Pilates is suitable for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Exercises focus on developing coordination, strength, and flexibility which can be help with various activities such as running and cycling, and sports such as tennis and skiing.

  • q: If I have a specific injury/limitations is Pilates safe for me?

    Yes, you will go through an initial assessment with a physiotherapist where you can discuss your specific limitations. Exercises and positions can be modified for each individual. Your physiotherapist will be guiding you through each session and can monitor your condition.

  • q: Is it covered under my extended health plan?

    Clinical Pilates is run by a registered physiotherapist and may be covered under your extended health as physiotherapy services. It is important to check with your own insurance provider first.

  • q: What should I wear?

    You should wear clothes that allow for free movement of your body, including your arms and legs. Tights, yoga pants, or jogging pants are recommended for your lower body.


Clinical Pilates treatments include injury rehabilitation and core & posture

*Initial Assessment

45 mins


30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


30 mins


30 mins

*for first time clients, or clients who have not been seen in more than 3 months

Please note: Clinical pilates sessions are performed by a physiotherapist and billed as physiotherapy for extended health plans.

You will be charged the full price of your appointment if it’s cancelled within 24 hrs of your scheduled appointment and date.

We are able to direct bill some extended health plans. Please check out the FAQ’s under contact for a list of participating insurance companies.

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