what is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a regulated health care profession which focuses on soft-tissue manipulation to enhance muscle performance and promote relaxation of the body's nervous system. It is a natural form of therapy that promotes healing, circulation, and waste reduction in tissues. Our massage therapists utilize techniques such as joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy and fascial release to treat movement dysfunctions, injuries, and neurological symptoms. Massage therapy complements physiotherapy well as it reduces mind and body tension which enhances biomechanical function.

what to expect

After completing your intake forms, you will be taken into your private room to begin an initial assessment and create a treatment plan for your goals with a registered massage therapist. You will be instructed on treatment procedures and given privacy to position yourself on the massage table. Many clients undress fully and/or leave undergarments on as it is ideal to work directly on the skin; however, you are always covered by a sheet and blanket to ensure modesty. Only the areas being treated at the time will be uncovered. Of course this may be adapted to your comfort level and can be discussed with your massage therapist. Your massage therapist will then re-enter the room and begin the hands on portion of your visit. To end, the massage therapist will give you homecare which may include; stretching, hydrotherapy, exercises and/or postural tips as well as suggestions on complementary health care.

*Please note that if you ever feel uncomfortable or would like to ask a question it is your right to stop or alter the treatment at any time. Our massage therapists welcome your input to ensure the best possible care.


30 minutes: $65
45 minutes: $90
60 minutes: $105
75 minutes $125
90 minutes $145


  • All sessions are subject to GST.
  • We welcome ICBC clients, however we do require upfront payment.
  • Direct billing to extended health insurance available for participating companies. Inquire within.
  • A cancellation fee of half your appointment will be charged if it's cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time
  • No WCB claims accepted at this time.
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