Do I need a doctor’s referral?

A doctor's referral is not required to see any of our therapists for private treatment. Some private insurance companies require a doctor's referral before providing extended coverage for physiotherapy and massage therapy services, however, each one is different so it is best to check your personal plan. For ICBC physiotherapy and active rehab, a referral from your doctor is required. Please call us if you need further assistance.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

For All Appointments
  • Doctors referral (if you have one)
  • PHN number
  • Diagnostic test results relevant to your injury (CT scan, X-ray, MRI results) for physiotherapy
For Physiotherapy
  • Shorts - If you are being treated for a back, hip, knee, ankle or foot problem
  • Tank top - If you are being treated for a neck, shoulder, or upper back problem
  • Shoes/ orthotics- If you have a lower extremity injury related to a sport it may be helpful for you to bring the shoes (including orthotics) you use to participate in that sport.
  • ICBC clients- Dr. referral, claim #, Carecard, case manager’s name and number
For Massage Therapy
  • Your modesty will be respected at all times. You could bring a change of clothes so you may undress only to your comfort level
For Active Rehabilitation
  • Anything you are comfortable working out in, e.g., shorts, t-shirt, sweat pants, tank top
  • Running shoes
*To maximize your appointment time, please arrive 10 minutes early to register and fill out the relevant forms.

What conditions do you commonly treat?

Although our clientele vary, our physiotherapists and massage therapists commonly see people for neck and back pain, overuse injuries, tendonitis, muscle and ligament sprain/strains, arthritis, post-surgical rehabilitation, and injuries related to a motor vehicle accident. Please call us if you are unsure as to whether or not we can treat your condition. At least, we can point you in the right direction.

What are some benefits of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a drug-free alternative to decreasing your pain and improving your mobility. Physiotherapists are university trained professionals specialized in analyzing the body's movement. We are able to get to the source of the problem and treat that, not just the symptoms. We can give you long-term solutions to your injury, help prevent re-injury or injury, and optimize your performance in your current activity.

Are your services covered through insurance?

Private or Extended Health Plans: We are currently able to direct bill the following insurance companies: CINUP, Chamber of Commerce, Cowan, Great-West Life, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc, Manulife, Maximum Benefit, Standard Life, Sun Life, Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield and SSQ Financial Group. Please note that coverage between policies vary greatly and we may not be able to direct bill your individual policy. Payment for any amounts not covered by the insurance company will be your responsibility. Please check with your provider for more information regarding coverage under your policy.

Government Assistance: For clients that qualify for Premium Assistance with the Medical Services Plan (MSP), a total of 10 subsidized treatments are shared between physiotherapy, non-surgical podiatry, massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic. For more information, visit

ICBC: We accept ICBC claims for physiotherapy and active rehabilitation if your coverage is approved, active, and you can provide the necessary documentation. ICBC covers a portion of your therapy, but you are responsible for the user fees due at each treatment. ICBC may choose to reimburse you for these fees at the end of your claim. If you have more questions about your coverage, please discuss with your adjuster.

What happens if I cannot make an appointment?

Your appointment time has been reserved for you. If you are running late, we will try our best to accommodate you, however your appointment may be shortened. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we require 24 hours notice or a cancellation fee of $35 will be charged. If you miss your appointment, you will be charged the full appointment fee.

How many visits will I need?

The number of visits needed varies depending on the type of injury, the nature of the problem, and your personal goals. You and your physiotherapist or massage therapist will discuss the optimum number of sessions needed to achieve your goals.

Is there parking at the clinic?

There is no reserved parking, however there is plenty of free street parking on West 4th Ave between Waterloo St and Trutch St, or alternatively on Blenheim St.

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